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  • Consulting Career Meeting (TBD) 【Introduction】TBD【Who Should Consider to Attend】TBD【Registration】Open Registration Form【Contact Event Organizer】WeChat:julian6866
    Posted May 29, 2016, 11:59 AM by Julian Zhu
  • Business & IT Consultant Circle Event - 7/10/2016 Sunday 【Introduction】Open AgendaDiscuss Career & Business OpportunitiesDiscuss Strategy to Build Professional Inner Circle & Network to promote opportunitiesDiscuss tactical approach (next steps) 【Who Should Consider to Attend】IT/Business Professionals who is ambitious to grow and achieve career and business goals in the mainstream US and Global IT industry & market. ConsultantsConsultant Candidates (please bring your resume)Sales team member (including technical sales roles)Managers【When/Where】Location: 888 Washington St, Dedham, MA -> Suite 301 (3rd Floor)Date/Time: Sunday July 10th, 2016 2:00 - 4:00 pm EDT【Registration】Open Registration Form【Contact Event Organizer】WeChat:julian6866Julian recently joined OSC Technologies (http://www.oscgc.com) as a Managing Partner to lead and drive Business and IT consulting ...
    Posted Jun 29, 2016, 6:53 AM by Julian Zhu
  • Boston IT Elite Event Invitation - 2/28/2016 Sunday 【Introduction】【Date】 February 28th, 2016(Sunday)【Time】1:00 pm - 6:00 pm【Location888 Washington St, Dedham, MA【ThemeBusiness & Information Technology Seminar and DiscussionPromote collaboration opportunities among IT and other industries in Boston area: Start-up and investment opportunitiesCareer opportunities【Agenda (Proposed)】【1:00-1:30】Networking Opportunity: meet friends, people networking【1:30-4:30】Presentation and DiscussionTopic 1:  IT Technology Vendor Presentation (TBD)Presenter: TBD (Pending)Summary: More detail will be provided later. Topic 2:  Introduction to Architecture Career PathPresenter: TBDSummary: More detail will be provided later. Topic 3: Technology Trend Discussion: Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and UXPresenter: TBDSummary: More detail will be provided later. Topic 4. Round-table ...
    Posted Feb 24, 2016, 9:40 AM by Julian Zhu
  • Boston信息技术交流会邀请 - 10/04/2015 周日 【基本介绍】 活动日期 2015年10月4日(周日) 活动时间1:00 pm - 6:00 pm (如果时间安排有困难、注册时请说明选择参加部分活动) 【活动地点888 Washington St, Dedham, MA 【主题宗旨 提供信息技术专题讲座和讨论 促进波士顿地区华人信息技术及相关领域的交流与合作 提供促成合作机会: 创业投资合作机会 公司工作招聘及内推机会 【日程安排】 【1:00-1:30】Networking Opportunity: meet friends, people networking 【1:30-4:30】Presentation and Discussion Topic 1:  Emerging Technologies & Trend: Cloud, Mobile, Big Data and Social Media Presenter: Mr. Tang, EMC  Summary:  The technology industry is undergoing a disruptive transformation as it is shifting from the second to the third computing platform, centered around cloud, mobile, big data and social media. In this discussion, we plan to take a deep dive into a few emerging technologies that are underpinnings and enablers of this epic transformation. • Hyper converged infrastructure and cloud ...
    Posted Oct 3, 2015, 4:00 AM by Julian Zhu
  • 8月30日 Boston Data Science Talents & IT Elite 午餐小聚 【目前状态】   本次活动已经结束,谢谢关注。  聚会时间:8月30日 11:30am-15:00pm活动地址:888 Washington street, Dedham, MA (如本次聚会不满10人将改为Chinatown 聚餐) 午餐小聚。 请参加聚会的朋友每人带一道拿手小菜或者点心与大家分享。也可带外卖,饮料。多谢诸位合作!本次活动并非professional活动。希望群里的业内人士可以利用这次机会多认识些志同道合的朋友。 本次活动只有35席位,按报名顺序统计。如本次活动员满还请见谅。九月会有专业类的聚会,欢迎参加后续活动!请大家在报名时填写自己的姓名和手机号以便及时联系。谢谢! Carpool Driver 请在Notes中告知可乘坐乘客数量和上车地点, 方便安排乘客, 感激不尽!!
    Posted Sep 13, 2015, 9:13 AM by Julian Zhu
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